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Steven O'Leary is based out of Glace Bay, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and has been practicing law for over 30 years. During the past three decades Steven has had the privilege of providing professional legal services with a personal approach to thousands of clients.


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​Purchasing Sydney or Glace Bay Real Estate? Buying or selling property in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia? Steven O’Leary’s Nova Scotia law firm is a general practice office with Steven now focusing on real estate, administrative, commercial, elder law, probate, wills and estates law. Have questions? Call me at 902-322-2258 or email at


“Steven has done my property work and looked after my company, Big Top Tent Rentals Limited. He treats me fairly, returns my calls, answers my questions and looks after my interests. What more could I ask for from my lawyer?”

-John Wadden, Manager, Dominion Rink, Dominion, NS

“I required Steven’s help when purchasing land and building my first home. He is my former high school basketball coach and a lawyer that I would recommend to anyone.”
-Adam Gardiner, Education Co-ordinator, Breton Ability Centre, Glace Bay, NS

“When my mother went to Steven, I knew that he had to be a good and trusted lawyer.”
-Captain Robert MacKinnon, Lobsterman, author and treasure trove hunter, Mira, NS